Enterprise Risk Management

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Enterprise Risk Management

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Enterprise Risk Management is an enterprise approach to addressing the culture, processes and structures that are directed towards effective management of potential opportunities and adverse effects as they relate to risk. Taking control of informed risks allows for risks to be identified, analyzed, evaluated, treated, and monitored.

Tevora’s proprietary HydraRisk Model is founded on extensive experience in enterprise risk management. At Tevora, we believe that an ERM Program shouldn’t just define common terminology, rather be a holistic approach to encompass the ERM Lifecycle. This ERM Program Lifecycle consists of all components needed to implement a successful and sustainable ERM Program.

Our approach to ERM includes:

1. Compare and Analyze Risk

Comparing and analyzing risk across all business units allowing for risks to be linked across functional areas and addressed using a common approach.

2. Identifying Risk

Identifying opportunity risk to expose and capitalize on opportunities that may exceed the Company’s strategic objectives.

3. Enterprise Prioritization

Enterprise prioritization of risk based on risk rating.

Governance and Strategy Development

Governance Programs help evaluate the ecosystem within an organization and ensure that principles, policies and frameworks are in place, that they are aligned with one another and they measure to support the strategy of the organization.

ERM Program Development

Enterprise risk can’t be removed entirely, but it can be managed in a way that protects your organization from undue exposure.

M&A Cyber Risk Advisory Services

Managing cyber security during mergers and acquisitions can prove to be exceedingly challenging

Vendor Risk Management

A centralized set of processes, policies, and controls makes a collaborative effort between multiple organizations successful.

Risk Assessments

An effective risk assessment should provide an organization with a clear view of the various variables, allowing an organization to identify which risks represent opportunities and which represent potential pitfalls.

Policy Framework Development

Policies are key to the success and sustainability of any Information Security Program or Risk Management Program.

Control Framework Development

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Procedure Development

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Attack Simulation

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Maturity Modeling

Curious how your organization measures against similar organizations or how you currently measure compared to the maturity level you would like to achieve?

eGRC Solution Design & Implementation

Tevora partners with leading eGRC solution providers to ensure that we can bring you an independent recommendation that truly meets your eGRC needs.