Critical Security Controls

Security controls provide prevention, detection, and response to threats to enterprise data integrity and availability.

Tevora focuses on evaluating, recommending, and implementing security controls that protect server, network, and endpoint infrastructure from advanced threats using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework as a baseline for evaluating the effectiveness of a control.

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NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Tevora will conduct a bottom-up review of all security tools and processes currently in place and evaluate their effectiveness in the context of NIST Cybersecurity Framework and the COBIT 5 Maturity Model.

Our experienced consultants analyze how each tool is configured, how it’s being operated, and the effectiveness of the personnel responsible for using the tool. A process review will uncover “silent failure” scenarios where logs may be missing or alerts may not be generating the appropriate response.

The result of the assessment is a comprehensive maturity score for all NIST controls, the scoring of control maturity as compared to businesses of a similar size and industry, a description of critical findings that require immediate attention, and a roadmap for improving control maturity over time.

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Ongoing Security Operations Reviews

It is important to continually review and assess the controls that your organization relies on for the security and integrity of your data and systems. Tevora’s ongoing operations review consists of periodic assessment of tools and processes that are critical important to the business. These reviews commonly extend to cloud and managed service providers which often operate beyond the purview of their customers.

Security Assessments

Tevora performs a variety of narrowly focused technical security assessments which help our clients deepen their understanding of operational problem areas or blind-spots. Our consultants have the technical expertise to delve deeply into the areas of:

Identity & Access Management Strategy and Development

The ability to control which users have privileged access is critical in securing enterprise data. Identity and Access Management solutions give your organization the ability to achieve compliance and operational efficiency through management of the entire user and system account lifecycle.

Advanced Malware

Advanced threats post an ever increasing risk to organizations’ information. Tevora performs advanced malware assessments that identify the scope and magnitude of an organizations’ malware problems. We help our clients develop strategies to remediate malware findings and establish methodologies for future malware detection and response.

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Advanced Malware Threat Discovery

Tevora offers proven protection against malware with our Advanced Malware Threat Discovery offering. We detect, analyze, and respond to the most dangerous of attacks to keep your organization safe.

Advanced Malware Strategy and Deployment

Once advanced malware is discovered, Tevora offers inclusive strategy and deployment techniques to eradicate any harmful software in your infrastructure. We combine the latest in cutting-edge malware technology with our experience to deliver you results.

Access Lifecycle Management

We set privacy requirements and manage security contracts- including security and Cloud contract requirements, and Service Level Agreements.

Solution Implementation

In order to effectively implement security solutions, an understanding of your infrastructure needs to be established, including long and short-term goals, technology preferences, strengths and weaknesses, and resource capacity.

Tevora leverages years of solution implementation experience to offer top-notch services to your organization. Our certified engineers understand that objectives must be set, stakeholders must be engaged, expectations must be managed, and communication must be maintained to seamlessly deliver your integrated security solutions.

Security Solution Deployment

Security Solution Deployment

The right technology solution can have a big impact on information security risk. Tevora takes a vendor-agnostic approach to solution consideration in order to fully serve our customer’s interests. We continuously evaluate new and existing solutions to recommend and provide accurate product information and we are uniquely positioned to advise your organization on what best fits your needs and business objectives.

Comprehensive Project Execution

Comprehensive Project Execution

At Tevora, we focus on providing a business-centric approach to your technology implementation project. We achieve project success by establishing business and technical requirements, use cases, testing, and training requirements at the onset. We excel as managing multiple project stakeholders, challenging client environments.

Security Tool Selection

Security Tool Selection

The experts at Tevora continuously evaluate new and existing solutions to recommend and provide accurate product information regardless of the needs in your organization. As a vendor-agnostic technology partner, we are uniquely positioned to advise your organization on the needs and best fits for your situation.