August 19, 2014

Information Security Restaurant Round Table


Join your peers for this quarter’s information security restaurant round table taking place at In-N-Out headquarters in Irvine, CA.


This quarter’s round table will be discussing the following topics:

Evasive Malware:

Co-Founder and Chief Scientist of Lastline, Christopher Kruegel, will present on full-system emulation with a focus on:

–  Designing and building dynamic analysis systems

–  Information one should seek to extract with a dynamic analysis platform

–  Advantages and limitations of externally instrumented full-system emulation

–  Recent examples of several classes of evasion techniques observed in the wild with solutions enabled by full-system emulation


Is Your Cloud Secure:

Jerry Miller, Cloud Security Specialist and Silicon Valley Tech Exec will present on Cloud Security business challenges and upcoming security frameworks.

Today’s businesses are taking advantage of multiple cloud services in order to reduce costs and increase capabilities, but most lack the knowledge to fully understand the new risk exposures posed by these decisions.  In today’s security landscape it is not enough to simply choose a cloud vendor that will help your business grow; it is also necessary to choose one that will ensure your business does not fail.

This presentation will explore:

–  Possible security gaps in your existing cloud environment and their potential risk exposures

–  Relevant methods and frameworks (including the new Cloud Security Alliance, TRUSTe, MSP Alliance, etc.) to help identify and address possible risks



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