Through the entire PA-DSS certification process, Tevora’s team of consultants work with you to ensure PA-DSS requirements are met and your payment application is secure.


Tevora’s consultants partner with you to develop a cost effective road map to PCI compliance, assessing and validating security controls early in the process so remediation efforts are directed and focused.

HITRUST Certification

As a certified CSF Assessor, Tevora’s proven, four-step process is designed to help you achieve HITRUST certification with efficiency and precision.

ISO 27001 Certification and ISO 27018 Compliance

In collaboration with you, Tevora determines your scope and risks, and designs a holistic information security program aligned with ISO standards.

Unified Assessment Program

Tevora works to simplify the assessment process, making it possible for you to meet multiple compliance requirements and avoid audit fatigue.


Tevora partners with you to evaluate your obligations for SOC 2, ensure your SOC 2 attestation accurately reflects your efforts in meeting the criteria, and recommend improvements for your environments.

Data Privacy

GDPR Services & Strategy

Tevora helps you understand how GDPR affects your organization and works with you to build a comprehensive data protection strategy.

Threat Management

Application Penetration Testing

Tevora’s threat team performs application penetrations tests in your system, simulating real-world attacks that determine the effectiveness of your security controls.

Application Penetration Testing (web, mobile, API)

Tevora’s threat team performs web, mobile and API penetration testing services to test the effectiveness of your security controls on all of these platforms.

Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

Should you suspect a compromise in your system, Tevora’s skilled engineers are able to stop the threat, clean your system and build your defenses to protect you from future attacks.

Security Solutions

Okta Security Solutions

Tevora’s team of engineers support you in implementing Okta’s identity and access management (IAM) platform, unlocking the platforms’ full potential in managing and protecting your network, system and device access.

Critical Security Controls Assessment

Tevora’s Critical Security Control Assessment provides a point-in-time dashboard of the effectiveness and maturity of your organization’s security controls within the context of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and COBIT 5 maturity model.

Cloud Security Management

Tevora’s Cloud Security Management Program allows you to take control of your cloud security and embrace cloud services.