CSA STAR Compliance

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The CSA Security, Trust & Assurance Registry (STAR) documents the security controls provided by cloud providers, to allow organizations to make educated purchasing decisions on their cloud services.

1. Framework for Cloud Security Controls

Tevora offers services to understand what controls are applicable to the organization and how to meet the control objectives of the Cloud Control Matrix (CCM).

2. ISO 27001 Linkage

STAR and ISO 27001 are tightly aligned to each other and require a series of coordinated efforts to ensure compliance. As ISO 27001 Lead Auditors, we understand the control requirements and the certification criteria from the Registrars. Tevora can help your organization obtain and maintain compliance by ensuring the consistency between the two standards.

3. STAR Internal Audit

In order to maintain STAR certification, organizations must conduct annual internal audits against their environment. Tevora is knowledgeable and certified to conduct these audits for your organization.