Unified Audit Platform

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Organizations are quickly experiencing audit fatigue as more requirements are being mandated or driven by contractual requirements.

Understanding this impact, Tevora has developed a methodology and platform that enables us to assess once and leverage the information across multiple certifications/attestations.

Tevora’s seasoned Consultants provide experience and knowledge across multiple compliance requirements and across a wide range of industry vectors. Because of this our team can assess and test against PCI DSS, PA-DSS, ISO 27001, ISO 27018, STAR, SOC II, SOC1, MPAA, FedRamp, FISMA and more during a single assessment. The benefits are endless to your organization.

The Unified Assessment Platform is designed to optimize the process not just during the preparation and interview process, but also during the report review. From start to finish, all common controls and documentation are synchronized across the assessment teams and reports.

We do this through a six-stage process.