Data Privacy

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Data Privacy

In our global marketplace, technology has the power to connect people and cross borders.

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In this varied landscape, there are multiple and diverse viewpoints on general data, personal data and the regulatory requirements to safeguard it. That’s where Tevora’s privacy practice excels.

Taking a global perspective, Tevora’s consultants will work with you to understand where and how your company operates, the services you offer, and how you collect data. Using that information, we devise steps to protect your data while enabling you to leverage evolving privacy concerns as a strategic advantage across the globe.

As consumers push companies to consider their privacy first, Tevora believes that the companies who listen will have the opportunity to increase brand recognition and market share.


General Advisement

Utilizing our experience in varying industries, Tevora consultants are able to take a flexible approach to assisting your unique organization in understanding the current legal, regulatory, and fiduciary requirements and expectations of data security and privacy.

Privacy Impact Assessment

Through detailed technical interviews, Tevora’s consultants assess the ways privacy affects your organization.

Risk Program Development

As risk moves from compliance-based to tactical and “by-design”, Tevora provides organizations of any size with high-touch guidance in developing your Risk Management Program.

Data Mapping

New regulations can compel organizational transformation.

ISO 27018

The international perspective and approval by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) creates an advantage for organizations who are now required to comply with global regulations, such as GDPR.

Technical Infrastructure Design

For organizations with a firm grasp on the location of their data, Tevora can offer consultation in the design of compliant, efficient and scalable technical infrastructure that allows your organization to thrive.

Virtual Data Protection Officer (vDPO)

Unless a core activity of your business is the collection and processing of EU citizen data, a full-time DPO is not a necessity.