Data Privacy

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Data Privacy

In today’s global data privacy landscape, there are many diverse viewpoints on general and personal data as well as the regulatory requirements designed to safeguard it. That’s where Tevora’s Privacy Practice excels.

General Advisement

At Tevora, our tailored General Advisement servicesensure you have a deep understanding of the regulations your organization is required to meet.

Privacy Impact Assessment

At Tevora, we equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to understand how privacy affects your organization

ISO 27018

Tevora guides you through the ISO certification process to ensure you are complying with global privacy regulations.

Technical Infrastructure Design

Tevora collaborates with you to design and implement a compliant, efficient and scalable technical infrastructure for your organization, enabling you to work productively and grow.

ISO 27018

The international perspective and approval by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) creates an advantage for organizations who are now required to comply with global regulations, such as GDPR.

Technical Infrastructure Design

For organizations with a firm grasp on the location of their data, Tevora can offer consultation in the design of compliant, efficient and scalable technical infrastructure that allows your organization to thrive.

Virtual Data Protection Officer (vDPO)

Tevora vDPO practitioners serve as a strategic partner to ensure your organization is GDPR compliant.


Tevora helps you understand how GDPR affects your organization and provides you with the support you need to meet requirements with confidence.

Data Mapping

Tevora ensures your data is structurally and technically organized to meet your needs with Data Mapping services.