Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services

Tevora helps ensure that, when disaster strikes, you have the right plans, procedures, and technical infrastructure in place to maintain business operations.

Any unexpected business interruption can have a devastating impact on a company’s ability to maintain operations and continue meeting the needs of its customers. Natural disasters, global pandemics and work stoppage for variety of reasons have the potential to bring your business to a halt.

Fortunately, Tevora’s experienced team of security specialists can help you assess your disaster readiness and develop a Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Business Continuity Plan (BCP), Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), and Table Top Exercises to ensure that your business is ready when disaster strikes. We can work with you to implement these plans so that you have the right policies, procedures, training, tools, and technical infrastructure to continue business operations while maintaining a high level of security and compliance with industry standards such as PCI DSS, SOC2, and HIPAA.

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