Enterprise Risk Management

Governance and Strategy Development

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Governance Programs help evaluate the ecosystem within an organization and ensure that principles, policies and frameworks are in place, that they are aligned with one another and they measure to support the strategy of the organization.

Tevora’s Governance methodology is founded on extensive experience in ERM and GRC and built on the firm belief that a Governance Program shouldn’t just define common terminology, but instead be a holistic approach that aligns processes with the business.

The Security Governance Strategy and Roadmap Development will evaluate several key factors of an organization’s program, including:

  • IT Governance
  • Information Security Governance
  • Risk Management Governance
  • Compliance Governance
  • Vendor Management Governance
  • Cloud Governance
  • Risk Scenario Analysis

The end result is a strategy the organization can execute on by seeing quick wins with long term benefits. We do this by conducting a series of workshops that will ultimately identify four key concepts:

  • Alignment of business and security goals
  • Recommendations of key security certifications, strategic (long term) and tactical (quick wins) projects needed to achieve the security roadmap
  • Key measurement and milestone checkpoints throughout the 5-year roadmap
  • Current maturity of the program and a methodology to measure (using CMMI scoring) the program improvements in fourteen program areas