Compromise Assessment

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Compromise  Assessment

Tevora's Compromise Assessment empowers you with the information you need to identify potential threats, plan proactively and avoid becoming victims of targeted attacks.

The number of organizations notifying the public of their breaches is growing. Often a breach occurs months or even years before it is noticed. Our Compromise Assessment proactively allows your organization the ability to identify suspicious activity. We will uncover the hidden threats within your organization and remove them before they cause further damage.

Our goal at Tevora is to provide you with a partner in incident response that can help your organization survive a cyber-attack. We will help clean your environment and share knowledge of the defenses and practices needed for future security.

Questions We Address:

  • Have attackers previously compromised my environment?
  • Is my environment currently the target of an attack?
  • How can we reduce the risk of another attack?
  • What is the extent and severity of the attack?

Breach Discovery

Through Tevora’s expert knowledge on infrastructure controls and Incident Response procedures, we will come on-site and hunt for evidence that a breach may have already occurred within the organizations infrastructure. Tevora’s Incident Response Team will find and remove these threats to provide a clean infrastructure that the organization can build their security upon.

Our four-step Compromise Assessment process:

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