Security Solutions

IAM Strategy and Development

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The ability to control which users have privileged access is critical in securing enterprise data. Identity and Access Management solutions give your organization the ability to achieve compliance and operational efficiency through management of the entire user and system account lifecycle.

Privileged Account Management

At Tevora, we leverage years of industry experience combined with certified engineers to give your organization the controls necessary to manage privileged accounts. We help you deploy and manage user identities and embed and retrieve passwords for senior accounts to be sure only the internal people who need access get access.

User Access Assurance

Certified and qualified Tevora engineers help your organization establish user access assurance with our proven security solutions. We employ a combination of identity management, access management, single sign-on, and auditing to secure and streamline user access in your environment.

Access Lifecycle Management

Tevora deploys and manages access lifecycle provisions for our clients’ unique environments. Our experienced engineers provision role-based access to information for thorough security of your IT resources. Our process includes controls, monitoring, and remediation of ongoing permissions.