Incident Response Service
When You Need It, 24/7.

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In a cybersecurity emergency, there is no time to waste. Our Computer Security Incident Response Team is on standby 24/7

Also known as a CIRT or CSIRT, our team will come to your aid immediately during a security incident through threat isolation, analysis, and response.

The key to recovering your data is knowing who has the expertise to do it right. Tevora can help you secure your system and get back online today.

With an “all hands on deck” approach, our Computer Incident Response Team partners with your organization to assure a rapid recovery in the best way possible, and works with your company or corporation to avoid a future attack. With years of expertise and leveraged experience of multiple Fortune 500 companies, our comprehensive incident response service program specializes in threat hunting and forensic investigation.

We use our digital forensic tools and equipment to:

|1. Find the Threat

|2. Isolate the Threat

|3. Eradicate the Threat

|4. Recover Rapidly