Women in Cybersecurity Spotlight: Charlotte Densham, Senior Infosec Associate


Charlotte Densham, Senior Information Security Associate at Tevora.


What has been your favorite project so far?

One of my favorite things I’ve worked on was a large project that contained 4 different SOC reports. I worked with them as an intern, and then subsequently as a newly hired employee last year. This year, I was able to lead their assessment. I was also able to travel to Boston and Germany which was an absolutely incredible experience – meeting the faces for the first time that I had spoken to so often via phone and email was extremely rewarding. It has also been great seeing the improvements clients have made in the past year, knowing Tevora and my work there has helped make those changes.


How do you define success?

Making Money (just kidding…)!!! Success for me is knowing my capabilities, setting goals and not just achieving them, but going beyond my own expectations of what I can do. You are your biggest critic, and I think when you exceed your own expectations for yourself you know you’ve reached success!


Where do you see the cybersecurity industry going in the next ten years? 

I think the cybersecurity industry is only going to get bigger and more influential. GDPR was just the beginning for privacy laws – California is about to enact similar privacy laws, and many other states are following suit. As technology becomes an even larger part of everyday life – for example, hospitals using online portals (finally) – there has to be a larger concern for cybersecurity. Technology is moving so fast, and cybersecurity professionals and companies have to attempt to keep up. Safe to say, I think I’m in the right industry!


What are the biggest challenges you face being a woman in this industry?

It is a well-known fact that a lot of STEM fields lack women. Nonetheless, I have had the opportunity to work with some incredibly talented women in cybersecurity. The respect that these women have in the cybersecurity industry is inspiring, and I think it just goes to show that your gender really should not make a difference in your success.  I wouldn’t call it a challenge as I feel a sense of pride when I shock people by saying I am in the cybersecurity field. Be different and be proud of it!


Best tips to find balance between your work and personal life?

The best advice I have always had throughout high school, college, part-time work, and now my career, is: do not procrastinate and manage your time well. Time management is the key to a good work/life balance. Rather than sit and stare at your computer screen for an hour, or browse through emails, set yourself a task and complete it. Then, most importantly… take a break and reward yourself, whether that be 5 minutes on your phone or a quick game of Smash Bros (Tevora has corrupted me) that helps to maintain that balance. If you don’t waste your workday, you should have the time you need for a social and personal life. Now that isn’t to say you won’t occasionally have to put in some additional hours, but if you can honestly say you are managing your time well, and still working crazy hours, then you need to tell your boss.


Do you have a favorite motto or quote to share with us?

Life’s short, make the most of every day!


What’s something most people don’t know about you? 

I was a mathematics major – see, anything is possible!


Women in Security Lunch Event:

Charlotte is attending our Women in Security Luncheon later this month! If you’re interested in attending, please visit: https://tevora.us/2nSayY1