April 25, 2018

6 Resources to Prepare You for GDPR Implementation

Over the last year, we’ve talked a lot about GDPR and its implications for both organizations and EU residents. We’ve created and compiled resources to equip anyone affected by GDPR with the knowledge needed to ensure they are fully prepared for implementation on May 25, 2018.

Now that we are 30 days out, let’s take a look at the blog posts and webinars we’ve shared in a one-stop roundup of GDPR tools. The information you’ll find within is intended to serve as a roadmap to GDPR implementation success. Should you have any questions about what GDPR means for your organization, it’s our hope that you’ll find the answers here.

GDPR Resource Toolkit

Webinar: GDPR is Coming – Are your Prepared?
In this webinar, we identify five key preparation priorities you need to focus on to ensure your organization is prepared for implementation including:
1. Completing a Data Mapping and Inventory exercise to understand how data is used and consent is given for data collection in your environment
2. Evaluating 3rd party agreements and establishing security and privacy requirements
3. Understanding how certification could support your privacy initiatives
4. Constructing and updating Data Retention, Minimization and Destruction policies
5. The Supervisory Authority and their relationship with your organization

Blog Post: The GDPR Countdown: How to Plan your Next 256 Days
If you’d rather read about the five key priorities you should focus on, this post will prove extremely helpful.

Webinar: GDPR – Conducting the Privacy Impact Assessment
This webinar takes a deep dive into Data Mapping and performing the Privacy Impact Assessment. These exercises are crucial in helping you understand what is collected and stored in your environment and how it affects privacy in your organization.

Webinar: GDPR – A Legal Perspective
In this panel discussion we are joined by Ilana Bavli, Partner at Eleven/11 Counsel & Strategy , Dr. Kai Westerwelle, Partner at Taylor Wessing and Michael Hellbusch, Associate at Rutan & Tucker LLP to explore how U.S. based companies should approach privacy and security and the need to evaluate the pressing elements of GDPR.

Blog Post: The Strategic Advantage of GDPR
How does GDPR empower EU residents, lead to better customer satisfaction or retention, create efficiencies and give your brand a competitive edge? This post reveals the significant advantages GDPR can provide to organizations across the globe.

Blog Post: Internal or External: The Data Protection Officer Question
Do you need a Data Protection Officer (DPO)? Should that person be in-house, part-time or full-time? Who is best suited for this role? We clarify the function of the DPO here and offer advice for identifying the right induvial or individuals.

What’s Next?

In just one month, things will look a little different for all of us affected by GDPR. There are sure to be a few growing pains and bumps along the way, but ultimately, we believe GDPR can have positive, lasting impact on privacy and security around the world. For those who have yet to begin their GDPR journey, it’s not too late to get started. Focus on the key priorities, stay abreast of the growing GDPR rhetoric and you will be in a good position come May 25, 2018. Ultimately, we believe GDPR can have a positive, lasting impact on privacy and security around the world. Take a look at our Privacy Tracker Tool that helps you stay up to date with every privacy regulation.

About the Author
David Grazer is the privacy practice lead at Tevora.