Find confidence in your compliance with your expert partner in Payment Card Industry Services 

Tevora is an experienced Payment Card Industry Qualified Assessor helping ensure your business is equipped for PCI DSS Compliance.

When Tevora is your partner, compliance becomes that much easier.


Equipped for Faster PCI DSS Compliance 

As an experienced PCI Qualified Service Assessor, we’ll ensure all requirements are covered; so you can rest easy.

Streamlined assessment and remediation processes mean a quicker, easier experience for you.

Lean on your dedicated Payment Card Industry DSS specialists to ensure you’re taken care of, every step of the way.


Be Certain of Your Security and Compliance in Payment Applications 

Smooth the transition from PA-DSS to PCI-SSF with the benefit of our in-depth PCI expertise. 

Get formal validation of your Payment Card Industry SSF compliance – yep, we’re a PCI-approved SSF Assessor. 

Call on us any time for expert resources or advice as we work through your compliance efforts together.


Delivering 3DS compliance with confidence

Efficient, tactical, and precise, our proven compliance program provides a streamlined path to 3DS certification.

As an experienced 3DS QSA, we can review your 3DS implementation and recommend changes you need for compliance.

We work closely with you, learning your exact needs so we can deliver specialized 3DS insight assistance.


Our experts dig deep to understand your unique requirements and smooth the path to SWIFT compliance

We carefully review your environment to identify areas that fall short of mandatory and advisory SWIFT controls.

Our team of specialists partner with you to develop a cost-effective plan for implementing changes needed to achieve SWIFT compliance.

We work side-by-side with your team to help bring your organization into alignment with SWIFT requirements.

Our approach puts you on a fast track to Payments and PCI compliance

Gap Analysis
Step 1

Our experienced PCI specialists perform a tactical analysis to discover areas of non-compliance and recommend steps to close identified gaps.

Step 2

We work alongside your team to help close gaps as we identify them. Our remediation work can range from writing security policies to implementing security controls.

Step 3

After completing remediation, our PCI-approved assessors perform a comprehensive audit to validate your compliance with the PCI standard(s) that apply to your situation.

Step 4

Once we successfully validate compliance, we prepare the reports you need to demonstrate compliance to the applicable payment brands and standards bodies.

“Our deep PCI expertise, strong working relationships with clients, and ability to consistently deliver on promises are what sets Tevora apart from any other provider.”



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Expert Resource

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