AI Security Readiness

Address the cybersecurity threats and opportunities posed by Artificial Intelligence for your business.

Is your organization ready for the AI revolution?


Compliance-First Approach to AI Security

We evaluate your organization against the most recent AI-related compliance frameworks, such as ISO 42001, NIST AI Framework, or the EU Act

We’ll help you identify gaps in compliance, and appropriate steps toward remediation.

Our team keeps ahead of evolving compliance frameworks to ensure your organization does not miss the newest updates.


Incorporate AI into Your Security Program

We’ll assess your current security program to identify ways where AI can help streamline efforts and reduce opportunities for human error.

Based on the nuanced needs of your business and industry-specific opportunities, we’ll identify tools and processes that incorporate AI solutions.

Call on us any time for expert resources or advice as we work through your AI efforts together.


Securing your Business from New AI Threats

We assess your organization’s use of AI tools and identify the new threats opened by AI.

We’ll help you address high risk vulnerabilities, while building a framework for safe AI practices going forward.

We’ll develop an AI Security Program that allows your organization to benefit from these emerging technologies, without compromising safety.

Our flexible approach works with your internal team to elevate your AI maturity level.

AI Security Capability Assessment
Phase 1

Evaluate the current organizational usage and capability in AI and LLM including:

  • Define AI Use Cases
  • Define Population
  • Define Data Input and Output from Generative AI Tools
  • Understand and Identify Risk
  • Provide Recommendations for Controls
Security Program Development
Phase 2

Tevora leverages industry frameworks (i.e. NIST, OWASP), security and risk best practices, and business acumen to develop best-in-industry AI Security Programs. Programs include the following:

  • Policies & Procedures
  • Third Party Risk Management
  • Privacy, Legal & Compliance
  • User Training
AI Threat Testing
Phase 3

Ensure your organization is secure by testing your defenses before an attacker has the chance:

  • Test API Integrations
  • Test Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
  • Test Private vs. Public Hosting
  • Testing for Prompt Injection
  • Testing for Data Leakage, including Prompt Leaking
Solutions Implementation
Phase 4

Identify, define requirements and implement tools to monitor or prevent LLM and Generative AI tools including:

  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Security service edge (SSE) providers that can intercept web traffic to known applications
  • Web Filtering
  • Browser Isolation

“As an emerging technology, Artificial Intelligence use is changing the way security practitioners view risk, while introducing new opportunities for process improvement. As trusted advisors to our clients, we are on the front lines of implementing AI Security Programs that work for the reality of today’s businesses.”

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