We’re ready to jump to your defense, preventing, detecting and responding to cyberattacks.

Available 24/7, our experienced incident response preparation (IR) specialists have seen it all. We’re ready to come to your aid during an incident to fortify your systems and speed your return to normal operations.

The Tevora Difference

When you’ve responded to the emergencies we’ve seen, nothing intimidates you. Our in-depth incident response preparation experience and our dedication to learning your unique organization helps us deliver unmatched results. 


Our team of incident responders, malware researchers, and cyber intelligence professionals have a kind of in-depth experience that is hard to come by. We leverage that knowledge to help you prepare for and respond to cyberattacks.

Client Relationships

We are a relationship-driven company striving to make a lasting impact on clients. We build deep, enduring partnerships with your team, which—in addition to being rewarding for us—helps us better understand your unique needs.

Proven Track Record

Some of the world’s leading companies call on us to help them repel cyberattacks. You benefit from the lessons we’ve learned from those complex organizations and challenges.

Incident Response that lets you stay miles out of the headlines.

Tevora’s in-depth IR services give you confidence in your defense against cyberattacks

Compromise Assessment

Readiness Assessment

Tabletop Exercises

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Attack Simulation

Insurance Breach Response

We Assess
  • Create and review a detailed map of the network and enterprise attack surface
  • Establish a configuration baseline for servers, workstations, and critical infrastructure components
  • Review endpoint configuration, hardening standards, and asset classification standards
We Analyze
  • Review logs for indicators of Compromise (IOC) and Indicators of Attack (IOA)
  • Understand the possible compromises that have occurred within the environment
We Contain and Eradicate
  • Breakdown and classify events to deploy resource tools
  • Contain compromised hosts and gather data samples
  • Remediate shortcomings based on best practices and needs of the client
  • Perform full recovery of hosts and full environment status check
We Give A Recommendations Report
  • Identify any compromised systems and provide an analysis of your network, endpoint, and log data
  • Pinpoint any attacker activity, including a preliminary attack timeline and malware information
  • Summarize findings and provide clear recommendations for next steps

We Assess
  • Understand resources at your disposal in the case of an incident
  • Review organizational resources
  • Perform checks in data aggregation areas, such as data sources, logs, and areas of analysis
  • Measure policies against current standards
  • Ensure plan accounts for resources, to minimize downtime
  • Ensure each area of the organization understands their role during an incident
We Recommend
  • Identify resources needed for infrastructure improvements
  • Demonstrate how these resources help the larger organization
We Train
  • Work with First Responders in real-life scenarios
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities of First Responders during an incident
  • Set expectations for First Responders for responding to an incident
  • Provide tabletop exercises based on your infrastructure, policies, procedures, and security risk
We Give An IR Readiness Assessment Report
  • Identify gaps in the necessary systems, processes, and human resources responsible for responding to incidents
  • Outlines organizational needs and requirements for properly handling incidents
We Assess
  • Model cyberattacks ranging from phishing, ransomware, and denial of service
  • Mimic policy violations such as copying company data and harassing emails
  • Tailored Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity scenarios to ensure your organization is prepared
We Design Incident Management
  • Test your ability to simultaneously coordinate with senior leadership, legal, and security teams to respond to an incident
  • Practice your readiness to continuously communicate through and incident, keeping all stakeholders updated and informed
We Tailor To You
  • Uniquely tailored exercises based on your specific environment
  • Close and thorough analysis of your policies, procedures, security tools, and resources to identify gaps that may increase risk
We Collaborate
  • We foster a no-fault, no-wrong-answer, no-blame environment
  • Open lines of communication to allow teams to work closely together
  • Close working relationships allow teams to work with their members and others to solve the incident

Tevora’s virtual security operation center (vSOC) managed detection and response service gives you confidence that your entire digital footprint-whether it be in the cloud, in data centers, or on IoT devices-is well-defended against attack

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Detection of Unknown (Signature-less Attacks)
  • Human Analysis by Professional Incident Responders
  • Full Incident Response Support
  • Endpoint Isolation
  • Threat Containment and Eradication
  • Automation via Integrated APIs
  • Quarterly Briefings and Security Recommendations
Adversary Tactics & Techniques
  • Ensure coverage of common attack scenarios by mapping tests to MITRE ATT&CK framework
  • Use benign test scrips to simulate a broad range of attacks
  • Identify Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and test your ability to detect and respond to them
Tevora’s Execution Engine
  • Deploy our automated test execution engine with easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Use the execution engine to quickly run all attack simulation tests
  • Generate test results and logging automatically as a result of test execution
Analysis & Evaluation
  • Conduct manual and automated test result analysis to identify areas of improvement needed to defend against real-world threat actors and adversaries
  • Identify cases where simulated attacks were missed
  • Make changes to ensure detection of all attack simulations, and re-run tests to confirm the changes work
Resource Recommendations
  • With an in-depth understanding of your your organization’s ability to detect and respond to simulated attacks, we’ll make recommendations on further equipping your staff and systems environments to be fully prepared for real-world external threats
Emergency Incident Response

There’s no “good” time for a cybersecurity emergency-and absolutely no time to waste. Tevora’s Emergency Incident Response services are available 24/7 to help policyholders handle an active threat, whenever it occurs

Rapid Threat Detection, Analysis, & Education

Our insurance response SWAT team jumps in quickly, using specialized skills and advanced digital tools to identify and locate the active threat, determine its scope and damage, and eradicate those threats from the environment

Quick Return To Business As Usual

After removing the threat, our team cleans up your systems and helps you quickly return to safe, full operations. We conduct a thorough review of the incident and make recommendations for security improvements if needed, so it doesn’t happen again

Trusted Incident Response

Need Attestation or Certification?

With our deep and focused expertise, Tevora’s got you covered for your incident response needs.

Service-Focused Mindset

We approach every client relationship with a long-term outlook. We give you the attention and results you deserve, so we can continue to build on our success next time. 

Superior Quality of Work

We combine deep security expertise with a laser focus on your unique requirements to deliver the best approach for your business. 

Productized Services

After years in the business, we’ve packaged our services in a form that’s streamlined, cost-effective, and easy to understand. 

“With the sophistication and frequency of cyberattacks, it’s important to have a partner that helps you guard against attacks and minimize impacts when they occur. Our incident response preparation SWAT team helps you prepare for cyberattacks and is poised to spring into action when you need them. Once the threat has been eradicated, we get you back to normal operations quickly.”



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We care about our clients and each other. We want every relationship to be long-term, so we look to make personal connections and real friendships with everyone we work with.

Expert Resource

We draw from our team’s deep knowledge to devise strategies, design processes, and come up with smart solutions to address each client’s unique risks and daily threats.

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We are a steady presence in a high-risk industry. We take our responsibilities seriously and follow through with excellence, every step of the way.

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