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The amount Ransomware is expected to cost the world by 2031

(Cybersecurity Ventures, 2023)




The largest ransomware payout made by an insurance company, setting a new record

(Cybersecurity Ventures, 2023)



Respondents’ organizations were affected by ransomware attacks in the last year

(Sophos, 2023)



surveyed reported significant organization revenue loss as a result of a ransomware attack

(Cybereason, 2023)

Emergency Incident Response that makes you stronger than when you started.

The Tevora Difference

When you’ve responded to the emergencies we’ve seen, nothing intimidates you. Our in-depth incident response experience and our dedication to learning your unique organization helps us deliver unmatched results. 
  • Our team of incident responders, malware researchers, and cyber intelligence professionals have a kind of in-depth experience that is hard to come by. We leverage that knowledge to help you prepare for and respond to cyberattacks.
Proven Track Record
  • Some of the world’s leading companies call on us to help them repel cyberattacks. You benefit from the lessons we’ve learned from those complex organizations and challenges.
Client Relationships
  • We are a relationship-driven company striving to make a lasting impact on clients. We build deep, enduring partnerships with your team, which—in addition to being rewarding for us—helps us better understand your unique needs. 

We’ll quickly identify and eradicate threats so you can return to business as usual

Step 1
  • Gather and investigate your details of incident  
  • Identify, assess, and investigate 
  • Analyze the environment for indicators of compromise (IOCs), malware, suspicious activity, and vulnerabilities. 
  • Begin building IOCs based on attacker’s tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) 
Crisis Management
Step 2
  • Coordinate with leadership to take appropriate action 
  • Contain risks, manage crisis, and remove security threats immediately 
  • Recover systems, data, and connectivity to ensure continuity 
Scope Review
Step 3
  • Review logs and monitor your environment for Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and Indicators of Attack (IOAs) 
  • Investigate and review the incident more thoroughly, considering all prior activity and IOCs to provide a comprehensive overview 
Collaborative Analysis
Step 4
  • Analyze digital forensics, network traffic, logs, malware, and live response data 
  • Collaborate with your internal team to ensure all relevant data and information is considered 
Damage Assessment
Step 5
  • Clearly identify how the system was compromised and assess damage 
  • Ascertain if any applications were affected 
  • Determine the level of information exposure the organization experienced 
Step 5
  • Remediate based on best practices and organizational needs, aiming for full recovery 
  • Contain threat based upon the attacker’s methods and TTPs 
  • Formulate a strategic incident management plan to help respond to future incidents 
  • Perform status check of entire environment to prevent damage from future attacks 
Need Attestation or Certification?

With our deep and focused expertise, Tevora’s got you covered for your threat management needs. 

Service-Focused Mindset

We approach every client relationship with a long-term outlook. We give you the attention and results you deserve, so we can continue to build on our success next time. 

Superior Quality of Work

We combine deep security expertise with a laser focus on your unique requirements to deliver the best approach for your business. 

Productized Services

After years in the business, we’ve packaged our services in a form that’s streamlined, cost-effective, and easy to understand. 

Learn how Tevora helped a leading financial institution block a serious cyber-extortion attempt 

“With the sophistication and frequency of cyberattacks increasing every day, it’s important to have a partner that helps you guard against attacks and minimize impacts when they occur. Our emergency incident response SWAT team is posed to spring into action when you need them and will get you back to normal operations quickly.”



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