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Tevora’s HITRUST and HIPAA experts partner with your team to protect your data and keep your organization compliant.


Our team of HITRUST experts examines and assesses evidence of your security controls to help you achieve i1 certification. 

Provides reasonable level of confidence that your environment has appropriate physical and logical controls in place to safeguard protected health information (PHI) that is created, transmitted, or stored.

Annual certification cycle ensures HITRUST requirements adapt to reflect the latest developments in the cybersecurity landscape.

Using Tevora’s proven, cost-effective methodology, we assess your environment’s compliance with 219 requirements, regardless of organization size, location, and other scoping factors.


Tevora’s HITRUST R2 Assessment service provides a higher level of assurance than is possible with an i1 assessment.

We work with you to develop a customized requirement set based on the unique attributes of your organization. Our skilled assessors then evaluate your policies, procedures, and physical controls against these tailor-made requirements.

r2 validated assessments follow a two-year cycle. The first year includes a full evaluation of your environment. Certification is achieved when you demonstrate satisfactory maturation across 19 security domains, at which point we will issue a Validated Report. You will be subject to an interim assessment following the one-year anniversary of your original certification.

Our trusted advisors are in regular communication with your team, guiding you along the way and providing feedback to ensure your organization is well equipped to become HITRUST certified.


Tevora’s HITRUST e1 Assessment service ensures that your organization meets foundational cybersecurity hygiene requirements.

Provides a cost-effective HITRUST Assessment option for lower-risk organizations.

Allows you to achieve a demonstrable stepping stone on the path to a more robust HITRUST Assessment (i.e., i1 or r2) in the future.

Demonstrates to your customers and partners that you have achieved a minimum bar of basic cybersecurity hygiene and are prepared to defend against the most critical cybersecurity threats.


Our experienced assessors leverage Tevora’s proven assessment methodology to identify gaps in your environment that will need to be addressed to achieve HIPAA compliance.

We start by interviewing and advising control owners to ensure they understand the technical controls and documentation required for HIPAA compliance. The interviews, along with evidence review, ensure we know how data flows through your environment, which helps us provide informed recommendations for safeguarding your PHI data.

We’ll review your current policies, procedures, and security controls to determine whether your environment and the PHI data created, transmitted, and stored therein are HIPAA compliant.

Your organization will come out of the gap assessment knowing how close you are to achieving HIPAA compliance and what remediation efforts, if any, are required to reach full compliance.


Using our proven HydraRisk model, our expert team conducts a thorough and accurate assessment of the threats and vulnerabilities that could negatively impact the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of ePHI. Our Security Risk Assessment includes:

In-depth review of policies, procedures, and documentation.

Interviews with key stakeholders and review of in-scope systems for technical requirement validation. 

Risk summary and remediation recommendations for any identified security risks.


Achieving HIPAA Attestation from Tevora—a widely-recognized industry leader—lets your current and prospective customers know that you take security seriously and that their sensitive PHI data will be well-protected in your environment.

Our skilled assessors review a combination of implementation evidence and security documentation to validate HIPAA compliance.

If we find that your security controls meet HIPAA requirements, we’ll provide you with an attestation letter detailing your HIPAA compliance status.

If we find areas that fall short of HIPAA requirements, we’ll make remediation recommendations.

Tevora’s Healthcare Methodology

Gap Analysis

We perform a tactical gap analysis to outline strategies for a cost-effective road to HIPAA compliance.

Risk Assessment

We employ a NIST-based, HIPAA-centric approach to risk assessment that effectively identifies you organization’s risks.


We partner with clients to remediate identified gaps. This ranges from writing security policies to implementing controls.

HIPAA Attestation

Upon successful review of compliance requirements, we provide a thorough HIPAA Attestation report.

Gap Analysis

We perform a tactical gap analysis to identify strategies for a cost-effective road to HITRUST compliance.


We help you prepare for your certification in an organized, efficient manner. We jump in to help you in anything from writing security policies to implementing controls.


We help you pick the right HITRUST assessment approach for your organization. As a HITRUST Authorized External Assessor, we are fully qualified to perform the recently-announced i1 and r2 Validated Assessments.


We use the HITRUST scale, ranging from 1 to 5, to validate that your organization successfully demonstrates compliance for each security control. Our goal is to help you achieve a rating of 3 or higher, as required for HITRUST certification.

The Tevora Difference

With our kind of experience, compliance is second nature. Our in-depth healthcare focus and security knowledge deliver proven methodologies and a smoother path to compliance. 
Deep Expertise
  • Our trusted team of experts has extensive experience helping clients comply with healthcare security standards, including HIPAA and HITRUST. 
Streamlined Processes
  • Our streamlined assessment and remediation processes accelerate compliance while ensuring all requirements are met.  
Trusted Partner
  • Our expert team of healthcare specialists partners with you every step of the way. 
Need Attestation or Certification?

With our deep experience within healthcare, Tevora’s got you covered for your HIPAA Attestation or HITRUST Certification.

Service-Focused Mindset

We approach every client relationship with a long-term outlook. We give you the attention and results you deserve, so we can continue to build on our success next year. 

Superior Quality of Work

We combine deep industry and security expertise with a laser focus on your unique requirements to deliver the best approach for your business. 

Productized Services

After years in the business, we’ve packaged our services in a form that’s streamlined, cost-effective, and easy to understand. 

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