Be confident that your cloud environment is secure and compliant.

Strengthen your cloud environment with Tevora.


Security experts conduct an in-depth review of your cloud environment using Tevora’s Cloud Security Framework

Benchmark your workloads against industry best practices to ensure your cloud environment is secure and compliant

Identifies vulnerabilities in your cloud environment and areas where you are not compliant with applicable security standards

Provides recommendations for improving cloud security and compliance posture in the language that your teams operate


Tevora’s experienced cloud security team ensures your workloads are compliant and that teams understand their part of the shared responsibility model

Tevora’s experienced security specialists can conduct compliance reviews of your AWS, Azure, or GCP environments

We help teams ensure they understand their shared responsibility and develop run and playbooks to demonstrate provable security

Our team can help you navigate the most challenging aspects of managing cloud environments, including end-to-end monitoring of the cloud control plane, architecture, and configuration managed as code


We help you develop automations to reduce provisioning errors and ensure both compliance and security requirements are met

Utilizing the “Infrastructure as code” approach automates the process of configuring and deploying changes to cloud services, applications, and infrastructure components across multiple cloud service providers

Cookbooks enable users to easily codify necessary changes and upgrades in declarative config files

Our cloud security team partners with you every step of the way to ensure your Terraform cookbook implementations are successful

Our approach ensures rock-solid security for your cloud environment

Step 1

We review and define your foundational policies and obligations for security, compliance, identity access management (IAM), detective controls, infrastructure protection, and acceptable risk in the cloud.

Step 2

We evaluate security workloads in your existing/planned cloud environment to identify vendor architecture issues that may introduce complexity and security risks. We also develop mechanisms to automate workloads.

Step 3

We create mechanisms to validate security workloads and codify internal review processes. We develop a functional design specification, redeploy cloud infrastructure components, and optimize business processes for automated DevSecOps and compliance.  

Step 4

Our team evolves your ability to protect information, systems, and assets. We test the output of security controls, to enable secure cloud communications and data exchanges, Additionally, we develop and execute a roadmap to improve the maturity of your cloud security controls.

“Maintaining security and compliance as you move to a multi-cloud environment is tricky. The tendency is to simply “lift and shift” legacy solutions to the cloud, this approach can leave significant gaps in your defenses. Our knowledgeable cloud security team is here to guide you along a smooth and secure path as you migrate to the cloud.”



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