February 28, 2013

Another Report Confirms Large Volume of Data Theft

Following closely on the widely publicized Mandiant report, a new report surfaced this week on the volume of data being stolen by information breaches. This new report from Team Cymru purports to have identified 500 servers, each connected to 20 victims at a time. These servers are further explained to be extracting 2.4GB of data daily, for a total of 1TB of data stolen every day.

What Can Ae Learn From This New Report?

While there are not nearly as many specifics as the Mandiant report, it does follow closely in it’s findings of several factors. For instance, Team Cymru found that the attacks began with exploits that first attacked the end users. Once they were compromised, access was gained to other systems within the enterprise and more the process was repeated. Several large targets were compromised this way, such as a large Australian mining organization.

Is There Any New Information?

This reports largely mirrors what we already have seen. Threats are becoming more targeted on a regular basis. The browser still remains an attractive attack vector. User education and awareness is key to stop data exfiltration. Next-gen firewalls may be an important key to stopping so many of these threats.