September 15, 2019

AWS Re:Inforce 2019 Recap

After a long wait, AWS’s first security-focused conference, re:Inforce, has come and passed. The experience was much more personal than the typical re:Invent experience, and it allowed for an opportunity to take part in more talks, meet up with some old friends, and most importantly exposed us to the latest and greatest tech coming out of Seattle!



We explored some major themes such as:

  1. Provable Security and the evolution of Automation
  2. Encrypt Everything!
  3. Death to DevSecOps
  4. Making security implementation easier

What does this mean for you? Well, we have a whole bunch of write-ups and videos are coming your way in the upcoming weeks in which we will be exploring:

  1. The tactical implementation of VPC Traffic Mirroring
  2. Provable Security and what does it mean to you?
  3. Deep dive into the changes in Control Tower
  4. VPC Encryption
  5. Explore landing zone

And much more! Before we go, I will leave you with some great resources to catch up with, before we dive right in.

re:Inforce 2019 Twitch recap

re:Inforce slides