Recommendations for PAX Technology POS Device Clients

Oct. 26, 2021-In light of the recent FBI and Department of Homeland Security’s court-authorized search of the PAX Technology US headquarters in Florida, merchants using PAX POS devices are trying to understand what the investigation means for their company and the continued use of PAX devices.

  1. Review all logs to identify connections to foreign or suspect IP addresses.
  2. Review the details of packet size as it relates to expected size for transmission to or from PAX devices.  
  3. Examine all outbound rules and ensure that the PAX devices are strictly controlled for inbound and outbound connections.  
  4. Setup alerts for denied outbound and inbound traffic for their POS and PAX machines.
  5. Contact their acquirer and make them aware that they are using those devices and outline the strategy for continued monitoring and investigation.  

Tevora is continuing to monitor this situation and will work within our teams to ensure that the compliance, incident response, and security controls that our clients are using are effective.  Additional information will be posted on the Tevora site, social media, and distributed appropriately to our clients.

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