June 12, 2023

Introducing MightyID: A Mightier IAM Environment Starts Here

Tevora is proud to introduce MightyID, the world’s most comprehensive Identity and Access Management (IAM) Resilience Solution. Created by Tevora’s esteemed team of product experts and consultants, MightyID leverages Tevora’s extensive experience in the IAM space to deliver a holistic and cutting-edge solution for enterprise level businesses.

A Unique Solution Supporting Business Continuity in the Event of IAM Disruption

Over the past few years, businesses have become increasingly reliant on IAM platforms for business operations – and Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM) platforms for interacting with large quantities of customers. And as IAM/CIAM platforms mature and become increasingly complex, Tevora’s experts have found significant gaps in existing solutions. In fact, the manual labor required to backup, restore, or migrate these complicated databases is incredibly time-intensive.

This gap can lead to significant system downtime in the event of unexpected errors or intentional breaches. It can take IAM professionals hours, days, or even weeks to restore an IAM or CIAM platform to proper functionality. Depending on the organization or business size, that can mean millions of dollars of lost revenue and productivity.

MightyID Creates a More Resilient IAM Environment

With thousands of hours dedicated to refining IAM strategies and deploying effective solutions, Tevora’s experts have developed MightyID as a robust platform that addresses a critical gap in IAM security and support.

MightyID provides enterprises with complex IAM environments assurance that they have the security protocols in place to anticipate and respond to blunders & breaches great and small. MightyID operates through three primary product offerings:

  • MightyID Restore is a powerful and flexible solution that allows you to back up and restore large IAM datasets, migrating configurations between staging, production, and other tenants.
  • MightyID Port is the first and only solution that allows you to port complex identity objects across multiple IdPs, such as Okta, Microsoft Azure SSO, and Auth0.
  • MightyID Failover helps execute emergency failover and recovery across multiple IdPs.

Key Benefits of MightyID include:

Recoveries Become Faster: Standard backup and restore offerings do not account for the complexities that many enterprise organizations rely on for business operations. That means that when a cyberattack or catastrophic event happens, IAM backups are often incomplete, and restores must be done manually. MightyID reduces the manual labor in the restore process, reducing timelines from days to minutes.

Integrations Become Smoother: Whether through merger or acquisition, consolidation, platform migration, or any number of reasons, IdP integrations are often a manual and extremely time-consuming process. MightyID is the first and only solution that facilitates IAM data management across multi-vendor, multi-tenant, and multi-cloud architectures.

Compliance Is Accelerated: MightyID was built with compliance in mind. Regional service maps and dedicated infrastructure options help address data security needs. The comprehensive backup and recovery capabilities also help meet SOC 2, ISO 27000 and HIPAA requirements.

Multiple IdPs Supported: MightyID supports complex instances of Okta, Auht0, and Microsoft Azure SSO.

“Tevora is thrilled to introduce MightyID to the market,” said Ray Zadjmool, CEO of Tevora. “There was a clear need for a solution that reinforces the critical infrastructure of enterprise-level IAM platforms. Our years of experience in managing complex IAM systems helped us design a product that can support businesses in managing and securing their most valuable data.”

To learn more about MightyID and its features, visit the MightyID website, or contact your Tevora sales rep to schedule a personalized demonstration.

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