Cloud Compliance

Tevora’s expert cloud security team helps ensure you have provable cloud compliance as an output of your migration to the cloud.

Moving your workload to the cloud can offer significant benefits such as extended functionality, improved flexibility, and reduced costs. But continuing to meet cloud compliance requirements as you make the transition is often a challenge. Tevora can help with this challenge by working with your AWS, Azure, or GCP migration team, contractors, or third parties to ensure you have provable compliance as an output of your migration.

Our cloud security experts have extensive experience helping clients address the security issues that are commonly encountered in moving to the cloud, including the latest techniques used to demonstrate and validate compliance, end to end monitoring of the cloud control plane, and architecture and configuration managed as code. Let Tevora be your trusted partner as you make this important and challenging transition.

How We Ensure Provable Cloud Compliance

  • Determine the current state of cloud: compliance, operational effectiveness, and security 
  • Identify cloud architecture issues that introduce complexity and security risks
  • Create a technical and functional design specification
  • Support in-house teams through advisory and architect roles
  • Redeploy cloud infrastructure components and supporting tools
  • Optimize business processes for automated DevSecOps and compliance
  • Establish operating PKIs
  • Develop and execute a control maturity improvement roadmap

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