Tevora helps you understand how GDPR affects your organization and provides you with the support you need to meet requirements with confidence.


The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is currently receiving a lot of attention, due to its May 25, 2018 enforcement date. The regulation is designed to protect and empower EU residents’ data protection and requires organizations that handles this data to adhere to certain guidelines.

At Tevora, our skilled consulting team provides counsel and guidance on how your organization will uniquely address these requirements and equips you with you with a roadmap to successful GDPR implementation.

Our services help you:

  • Identify where privacy could be affected in your environment through Data Mapping and a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)Understand how relationships with third-party providers affect your data and ensure they are also aligned to meet GDPR requirements
  • Learn what regulatory requirements you need to meet for data retention
  • Identify your Supervisory Authority, which will help guide you in your Global Data Protection Program’s life cycle
  • Determine if any internationally recognized framework certifications, such as ISO 27001 and ISO 27018, are needed to strengthen your data protection program

Our seasoned consultants provide experience and knowledge across multiple compliance requirements and across a wide range of industry vectors. We are able to assess and test against all of the following industry standard compliance requirements during a single assessment:

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