OKTA Integration For Secure Remote Workforce

Tevora is a Preferred OKTA Integration Partner

Supporting distributed, remote teams affords increased flexibility, yet there are unique access and security considerations inherent to mobile work.

Tevora devises business-centric strategies to assure authorized access and data protection.  Our proven strategies to successfully implement Okta’s world-class security solutions protect your company, users, and assets, allowing your team to get to work securely, with the tools they need.

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OKTA Security Solutions

Provide quick access to cloud and on-prem services

Get apps in the hands of users quickly and efficiently with a single sign-on (SSO) solution. SSO is often associated with providing access to cloud apps, but the work now you can integrate your IaaS platforms with your SSO solution to ensure the same credentials are being used when accessing servers.

Benefits of SSO Integration:

  • Decrease password reset requests to your help desk
  • Integrate with your existing directories
  • Track log-ins and respond to security events
Deploy effective Multi-Factor AuthenticationERM Program

Employees may inadvertently bypass internal security controls as they access corporate resources from new devices, new networks and remote locations.

Add a supplementary layer of security to all user accounts in the form of multi-factor authentication (MFA). Additional factors can take many forms, like security questions and SMS one-time passwords, and stronger factors like mobile authenticator apps as well as biometrics.

Refine remote access policies

After deploying SSO and MFA, consider more granular access policies based on user, device, network and location context. Align the strength of the policy to the potential risk associated with the login:

  • Disallowing POP/IMAP based authentication to Office 365
  • Creating network blocklists
  • Email notifications for end users
  • Enabling managed device checks for mobile and desktop devices

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