The Identity Resilience Tool. Secure, Flexible Management of Your Okta environment.

Transform your Okta environment management to enable streamlined and better change management for a quicker recovery.


Our Okta Management Tool (OMT) makes sandbox seeding for clients a snap

Easily use SSO information from production environments or other tenants to seed your sandboxes for better testing.

Automated approach protects against human configuration errors when sandbox seeding for new tenants.

An intuitive user interface makes it easy to set up and execute sandbox seeding functions.


Rest assured, your SSO information is being routinely, securely, and quickly backed up and can be recovered when needed

Automated backup capabilities reduce risk of human errors and ensure all of your SSO data is securely backed up.

Schedule full or partial backups or tenant restorations to meet your unique requirements.

Granular restoration capabilities allow you to restore some or all users, groups, applications, and/or settings from backups.


Ensure smooth and accurate tenant migrations

Streamlined and automated tenant migration capabilities reduce migration time while providing comprehensive and accurate transition of all tenant SSO data.

Schedule automated jobs to migrate SSO data between multiple tenants.

Migrate data between tenants for testing or sandbox seeding.

Our proven product development approach delivers rock-solid solutions for clients

Field Tested

Before bringing your Okta Management Tool to market, we conduct rigorous and extensive field testing to ensure it meets the highest levels of reliability, utility, and security.

Proven Tools and Methods

Using AWS for availability and capacity, their Well-Architected Framework for security, CIS benchmarks, and other proven tools and methods for our cloud native application ensures state-of-the-art stability and security.

Security First

Data security and data privacy are our business and these essential qualities are built into every aspect of our products. For us, compliance isn’t just a checkbox–it’s a core requirement.

Tevora is your trusted partner for Okta integration.

“Many of our clients were satisfied using Okta for SSO and identity management, but after adopting Tevora’s Okta Management Tool, they realized that the accuracy, security, and efficiency of their Okta management has improved dramatically.”



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