Unified Policies, Procedures & Controls

At Tevora, we work with you to design and implement effective security controls. At Tevora,we work with you to design and implement effective security controls.

Effective policies are key to the success and sustainability of any Information Security Program or Risk Management Program. Policies lay the foundation for your expectations of users, vendors and third parties. Without this foundation, organizations are not able to provide a consistent set of criteria to measure and report on security.

Security controls are one of the pillars that support the Information Security Program to ensure policies maintain the confidentiality, integrity, availability and privacy of the organization. Without the proper controls in place, there is nothing to measure, monitor and report.

At Tevora, we provide expertise in identifying, designing and implementing security controls that meet the needs of the organization and ensure they maintain compliance with the ever-growing list of regulations, privacy, legal and contractual commitments.

Standards and Procedures provide guidance and instructions on how to implement security policies and controls. They give users more information to understand requirements and to set boundaries, while providing guidance for system configuration, usage and implementation.

At Tevora, we create, consolidate and align your standards and procedures in a centralized set of documents that meet your security requirements, while also tailoring them to reflect your current operations and unique practices and needs of your individual organization.


A unified structure of policies, procedures and controls creates a framework for consistent action and universal understanding throughout your organization. Your security framework and control library can be used to identify key security controls required throughout the organization and categorize them by preventative, detective and corrective controls.

After setting up this initial framework, we can apply the Tevora Unified Audit Platform for testing all applicable control areas.

Policy and Control Frameworks

At Tevora, we can assist your organization in selecting, developing and implementing a Policy and Control Framework that leverages industry standards such as:

  • ISO
  • NIST
  • CobiT
  • FedRamp
  • COSO

Our security consultants will work with you to develop your security controls and necessary architecture. We will help you build an effective security framework for your organization that encompasses all devices linked to your network as well as provide you with a comprehensive roadmap to protect your assets, meet compliance requirements and proactively safeguard your business.

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