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TikTok Ban, Garmin Ransomware, QNAP QSnatch, Twitter Hacker Arrested and more!

This week, Matt Mosley and Kash Izadseta cover the Cyber news of the week!
TikTok.. is it safe? Will Trump ban the app in the USA?
Garmin got wasted in a recent ransomware hack leaving them crippled. Did they pay or did they recover?
The notorious Twitter hacker has been arrested..
QNAP devices vulnerable to QSnatch malware!
& More…!

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Twitter Hacked, TikTok Security, 17 Year old Windows DNS vulnerability, Zoom URL

This week, Matt Mosley and Kash Izadseta cover the news of the week.
Headline: Major Twitter accounts hacked. Heavy hitters like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Joe Biden, Bill Gates and more!
1. Twitter
2. 17 year old Windows DNS server vulnerability
3. Zoom custom URL vulnerability
4. TikTok, is it safe in the workplace?

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News of the Week – Zoom Giphy hack, SMBleed + SMB Ghost, Mitron ( TikTok Clone)

This week, Matt Mosley and Kash Izadseta cover new vulnerabilities and the news of the week!
1. New Zoom Vulnerability using Giphy
2. SMBleedy + SMB Ghost – What it is and how to fix it
3. Mitron App Login Vulnerability – Software design gone wrong

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Hacker History – Kevin Poulsen aka Dark Dante

This week, Matt Mosley and Kash Izadseta talk Hacker History and Kevin Poulsen aka Dark Dante.
Kevin Paulson made his debut in the hacking world in the good ol’ days of phone freaking. At a young age, Paulson aka Dark Dante, successfully “freaked” Los Angels based hit radio station 102.7 KIIS FM and won himself a brand new Porsche. His victory was short lived but paved the way for the rest of his hacking journey. Listen in to hear the story of how this California teen made it to the hacker wall of fame!

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Tevora Talks Abuse Through Technology, What it is, and How to Stay Safe w/ Adam Dodge

This week, Matt Mosley and Kash Izadseta are joined by Adam Dodge to spread awareness about abuse through technology. They outline the different ways a stalker or attacker can easily gain access to your personal life without the need for advanced tools. How to protect yourself from being a victim, and how technological abuse can affect someone’s life.
1. Abuse through technology
2. How to stay safe online
3. Airbnb safety checks
4. Deepfake technology

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dForce $25 Million Crypto Hack, Blockchain, Blackmarket and Security w/ Kevin Soltani

This week, Matt Mosley and Kash Izadseta are joined by Kevin Solanti to talk Blockchain and Crypto Security. The influence of it on the dark web and blackmarket. Mt. Gox hack story and the silk road.
1. dForce Hacked
2. What is Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
3. How has it evolved
4. How secure is it
5. How is it being used

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Hacker History – John Draper aka Captain Crunch

This week, Matt Mosley and Kash Izadseta cover Hacker History – Captian Crunch
John Thomas Draper (born March 11, 1943), also known as Captain Crunch, Crunch or Crunchman (after the Cap’n Crunch breakfast cereal mascot), is an American computer programmer and legendary former phone phreak. He is a widely known figure within the computer programming world and the hacker and security community and generally lives a nomadic lifestyle.

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Tevora Talks NFL Draft w/ Microsoft Teams, Netflix & Disney+ Phishing, SBA Breach

This week, Matt Mosley and Kash Izadseta cover Infosec News April 22, 2020.
1. Small Business Administration Data Breach
2. NFL Draft 2020 will stream live via Microsoft Teams
4. Netflix & Disney Phishing Scams

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Apple + Google COVID-19 Contact Tracing Tracking App – Privacy, Safety & Security

This week, Matt Mosley and Kash Izadseta cover Apple and Google’s joint venture in creating an app to track the COVID-19 Coronavirus Epidemic. How it will work, and what does it mean for privacy, safety, and security.

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