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Cloud Security & Compliance

Tevora applies deep security expertise to help you architect secure systems in the cloud that meet your compliance requirements. Our understanding of risk and mitigation strategies gives you the ability to protect your information, systems and assets.

The unique characteristics that drive the benefits of the cloud environment – scalability, multi-tenancy, data residency, broad network access – are the very things that make securing the cloud more complex.

Unmanaged risk, including limited visibility into a provider’s internal security controls, make it difficult for an organization to identify and measure risk or demonstrate compliance. Without a specialized understanding of cloud security and compliance constructs, misconfigurations are likely – along with tangible security impacts.

Whether you are accessing a specific cloud-based business service or modernizing/migrating your legacy applications and systems, Tevora’s team of experienced, certified engineers and specialists help you take control of security in the cloud – and embrace its opportunities.

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Our Cloud Security Methodology:

Tevora Cloud Security Services

Cloud Security Architecture

A move to the cloud is more than a simple “lift and shift” of your applications and services. Tevora applies architectural best practices for establishing, operating and continuously improving reliable, secure and efficient systems in the cloud.

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Cloud Compliance

Tevora provides critical visibility into providers’ security controls, allowing for important assessments of those controls against your specific requirements for compliance. Automated security audits and compliance artifact creation assist in demonstrating ongoing compliance.

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Tevora’s use of DevSecOps ensures that security is part of the development process. This proactive approach to inserting security between development and operations ensures that the most current decisions regarding security can be incorporated, eliminating security gaps and compliance bottlenecks.

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Cloud Security Automation

Technology evolves continuously, which means change is a constant in the cloud environment. Wherever possible, Tevora manages change through automation, leaving less room for human error and ensuring the secure, compliant deployment of cloud infrastructure and systems.

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Our Expertise and Toolsets

The Tevora cloud team of specialists and engineers has deep expertise in public cloud infrastructures including:

  • Amazon AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure

We rely on industry-leading toolsets for specific capabilities including:

  • Compliance and control enforcement:  Palo Alto, RedLock, EvidentIO
  • Security automation and orchestration: Demisto
  • Continuous security and compliance: Cloud Conformity
  • Multi-cloud management, security and automation: HashiCorp
  • PLUS: Our own proprietary tools written against cloud APIs

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