March 27, 2008

Tevora Expands Operations Into South America

SAO PAULO, Brazil; March 27, 2008— Tevora Business Solutions, Inc., a leading US-based enterprise security consulting firm, has announced the formation of Tevora South America, a new joint business venture with Istmo Solutions Company of Brazil.

The focus of the partnership will be on improving information security in the South American markets, beginning with PCI (Payment Card Industry) certifications, a standard to protect the data transmitted and stored by credit card transactions.
“The certification process validates that customers are compliant with the PCI Data Security Standards,” explained Ray Zadjmool, President and CEO of Tevora Business Solutions, Inc.  “When customers offer their credit card information in exchange for goods or services, they expect a certain level of assurance that their personal and account information is safe.  “We look forward to working closely with ISTMO and helping the members, merchants, and service providers of South America in not only meeting their obligations, but also building a culture of security that will provide benefits to everyone.”

The PCI standard applies to any company that collects, processes, stores or transmits credit card information. Although PCI certification is not mandatory, the pressure to prevent fraud on banks and e-commerce retailers that handle credit cards is forcing many of these companies to seek certification.

The validation method developed by Tevora, a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) in good standing as acknowledged by the PCI Security Standards Organization, begins with a gap analysis that outlines specific strategies for a comprehensive and cost-effective road to compliance. This is followed by a remediation stage that covers all necessary recommendations, from writing security policies to implementing security controls. Once the engagement is complete, Tevora issues an official Recommendation of Compliance.

“Tevora and Istmo share similar philosophies and values,” said Ray Zadjmool, who was in Brazil in late February to formalize the agreement. “I am delighted that we have an opportunity through this alliance to help companies in South America improve their security posture.”

“Companies in South America that work with credit cards can count on Tevora’s experience in providing effective information protection in a cost-effective manner,” said Wilson Fernandes, one of Istmo’s directors. “We are proud to be working with a team of qualified professionals who understand the reality of the current Brazilian market, and who will strive to make it better.”

About Tevora

Tevora is a leading security solutions provider specializing in the delivery of end-to-end solutions that help enterprises become truly secure.  We offer a complete portfolio of security solutions and services to clients in virtually all industries, institutions and governments.  We are led by people with years of experience and records of accomplishments in business as well as technology.  Our business background means that we truly understand the importance of growth and profitability and our solutions are designed to enhance both.  Security is our only business and our single-minded focus on anticipating and solving client problems has been described as “obsessive”.  We consider this a fair assessment.

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About Istmo

Founded in 1997, Istmo is a technology consulting firm focused on enterprise clients in Brazil and Latin America. Combining high technical capability and competitive costs, we offer technology services in wide and local networks, diagnostics of performance, tuning, large scale implementations and project management.

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