Incident Response

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Incident Response

In a cybersecurity emergency, there is no time to waste. Tevora’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (CIRT or CSIRT) is on standby 24/7 and ready to come to your aid during an incident to secure your system and get you back online today.


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Incident Management and Response

Tevora helps you prevent, detect and respond to threats to your enterprise with security control assessments.

Emergency Incident Management and Response

Tevora’s Emergency Incident Response (IR) services are available to you 24/7 to contain and remove cyber threats immediately.

Compromise Assessment

Tevora's Compromise Assessment empowers you with the information you need to identify potential threats, plan proactively and avoid becoming victims of targeted attacks.

Readiness Assessment

Tevora’s Readiness Assessment can help you evaluate how equipped you are to respond to a compromise.

Tabletop Exercises

Tevora seeks to understand your unique infrastructure and partners with you to implement effective security solutions.

Managed Detection & Response

Our vSOC managed service combines the skills of our top incident response experts with industry-leading Endpoint Detection Response (EDR) tools such as Carbon Black Response to protect your environment against external threats.

Insurance and Breach Response

Tevora’s expert Insurance Response Team helps the insured clients of cyber insurance providers to prepare for, detect, and respond to cyber attacks.

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