Testing Your System’s Defense Against Cyberattacks

Are your defenses strong enough to withstand an attack?


Tevora’s real-world threat scenarios use the latest cyberattack tools and techniques to probe all corners of your systems for weaknesses

Our Red Team experts conduct a covert attack on your organization to test the effectiveness of security controls against a sophisticated stealth adversary.

This approach gives you a realistic view of your security posture from an attacker’s perspective, so you can identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by someone else.

For a more collaborative process, we can also take a “Purple Team” approach, where our Red Team works closely with your Blue Team to design a custom test for your environment.  


Simulated social engineering exercises to test your defenses

In a social engineering attack, bad actors play on human emotions or fear to trick users into divulging sensitive information, opening an infected file, or clicking on a malicious link. We’ll simulate these attacks to test your front-line defenses. 

Tactics include phishing emails, targeted spear phishing, pretexting, and phone “vishing.” 

Yes, security policies and technical controls can help combat social threats. But the best defense is to arm your employee and partner “targets” with the knowledge they need to protect themselves from attackers. 

Get a comprehensive view of your exposure to external attacks

Step 1

In-depth discovery efforts, including:

  • Data exfiltration and open-source intelligence gathering
  • Network enumeration and service footprinting
  • Conduct stealthy exploitation of vulnerable systems
  • Map and exploit externally-facing assets
  • Run phishing and vishing campaigns
Step 2
  • Emulate known attack patterns and vectors
  • Conduct thorough passive information gathering and public record analysis
  • Identify known vulnerabilities
  • Develop and execute exploits
  • Pivot and escalate access
  • Conduct social engineering campaigns against target employees
Step 3
  • Conduct a collaborative debrief session
  • Provide a detailed finding report with recommended remediation
  • Re-test with validation
  • Present findings to executive team
  • Create an executive summary of findings for management


“Our attack simulation services are an incredibly effective way to assess your exposure to real-world attacks. It’s so much better to find out about your vulnerabilities now, before they are exploited by adversaries.”



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