Security Assessments

Tevora’s Security Assessments help you identify and understand any operational problem areas or blind-spots.

At Tevora, our variety of narrowly focused technical security assessments pinpoint any areas that pose security risks. These comprehensive assessments provide you with an essential roadmap of your organization’s existing security protocols and security gaps that need to be addressed to safeguard your assets and systems. Our team can then design and implement an effective security architecture for your organization to safeguard your essential assets.

Our consultants have the technical expertise to delve deeply into the areas of:

Our consultants have the technical expertise to delve deeply into the areas of:

We employ a proven process for reviewing your network architecture to check for potential security concerns. Our certified and trained engineers review your infrastructure documentation and evaluate the function and gaps of your established security controls.

Mobile Security Assessment

Our team of certified security consultants performs Mobile Security Assessments to identify problem areas. We then use this information to protect your company from the challenges in your environment and guard against mobile vulnerabilities, hackers and internal threats.

Wireless Security Assessment

Wireless Security Assessments are an important part of your company’s security posture. Our consultants use a proven procedure to review your network’s wireless security and protect your organization from new vulnerabilities, side effects from device reconfigurations and any risks posed by new wireless devices joining your network.

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