Tabletop Exercises

Tevora simulates real-world cyber attacks in a controlled environment to help you identify security gaps.

Identify potential gaps in your capabilities with our Tabletop Exercises, which simulate real world cyber attacks and disasters in a controlled environment. Our team of incident responders will review your current policies, procedures, security tools and infrastructure then build immersive custom threat simulations to test your organization’s ability to handle the most severe incidents.

Your teams will be guided through each exercise by one or more of our IR experts while they sit in the room as a casual observer.

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Our Tabletop Exercises Include:

1. Diverse Simulations
  • Cyber-attacks such as phishing, ransomware, denial of service and other vulnerabilities.
  • Policy violations such as copying company data, harassing emails and more.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans to ensure your organization is prepared.
2. Incident Management
  • The ability to simultaneously coordinate with your senior leadership, legal and security teams to solve the tabletop exercises.
  • Continuous communication throughout the tabletop engagement process, keeping all stakeholders updated and informed.
3. Incident Scope
  • All table top exercises are based on and tailored to your specific environment.
  • We take great care to analyze your policies, procedures, security tools, and resources to identify any gaps that might increase risk.
4. Collaboration
  • We provide a no fault, no wrong answer and no blame environment.
  • Teams work together to have an open line of communication.
  • Each team will work to solve the incident with their members and others.
5. Tabletop Exercise Report
  • Receive a graded report card detailing your organization’s performance during the Tabletop Exercises.
  • Identify gaps in systems, processes and people that respond to incidents in your environment.
  • Remediation recommendations will outline the requirements your organization needs to meet to properly handle incidents.

Credentials & Awards

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