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The Federal Information Security Management Act regulates how federal organizations handle information security. Tevora has established and verified processes for managing compliance requirements for each agency.

Trust us to:

Develop Information Security Systems

Tevora’s knowledgeable FISMA and FIPS 199/200 Consultants design information security systems that meet the standards established by NIST to protect sensitive and classified information.

Document Procedures for Information Systems

We thoroughly outline and document protocols for your organization specific to the ways data will be used in your infrastructure by agencies, contractors, etc.

FISMA Assessments

Tevora can assess and attest to the controls implemented by the organization to meet and maintain FISMA and FIPS 199/200 compliance. We can assist organizations in designing and implementing corrective actions to reduce or eliminate vulnerabilities, threats and risks; periodically assess the risk to operations, assets and individuals; and conduct detailed access control reviews to limit the information system access to authorized users.