PA-DSS Compliance

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The Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) requires that software vendors maintain secure payment applications to protect cardholder data.

This requirement applies to all third-party payment software that stores, processes, or transmits cardholder data.

Tevora has a comprehensive PA-DSS security and compliance program that is both tactical and concise so your organization can be as secure as possible. Our program includes the assessment of 14 requirements every POS application must follow, utilizing proven methodologies for certification.

We do this through a three-phased approach:

1. Gap Analysis

A tactical Gap analysis will outline strategies for a cost effective road to compliance

2. Remediation

Whether it is writing security policies or implementing the security controls: working hand in hand with Tevora PA- QSA’s ensures direct and efficient ROI.

3. PA-DSS Assessment

Tevora PA-QSA’s will assess adherence to the PCI PA-DSS standards and work with you to ensure successful acceptance of your ROV.