Readiness Assessment

Are you prepared in the event of a cyber attack? Tevora’s Readiness Assessment can help you evaluate how equipped you are to respond to a compromise.

Security breaches are becoming a common threat that all organizations need to defend against. A properly built and maintained Incident Response strategy will aid in the ability of an organization to respond in a timely manner and eradicate the threat within the organizations infrastructure. Our Readiness Assessment will not only identify weak points but build awareness about what needs to be done in response to an incident.

The Readiness Assessment will help answer the question of, is the organization ready when a compromise happens? If the answer is no, then what can be done to prepare before a compromise does occur?

Our five-step Readiness Assessment process:

1. Assess
  • Gain a full understanding of the existing resources that can be leveraged during an incident
  • Review all resources within the organization that will aid with incidents
  • Perform checks in all areas of data aggregation such as data sources, logs, and areas of analysis
  • Review policies currently in place to ensure that they are up to current standards
  • Ensure plan accounts for resources that will help in minimizing down-time of systems
  • Make certain every area of the organization understands their roles during an incident
2. Recommend
  • Recommend resources for making any necessary infrastructure improvements
  • Illustrate how these resources will aid the organization
3. Training
  • Work with First Responders in real-life scenarios
  • Clarify the roles and responsibilities of First Responders during an incident
  • Set expectations for responding to an incident so responders will be able to act in a timely manner
  • Provide on-site or remote table top exercises based on your infrastructure, policies, procedures, and security stack
4. Incident Response Readiness Assessment Report
  • Identifies gaps in the systems, processes and people responsible for responding to incidents in your environment.
  • Outlines the needs and requirements of your organization to properly handle incidents.
5. Incident Response Plan and Runblocks
  • You will receive an incident response plan based on the information collected during the assessment, outlining the mandates of the team, incident classifications, call tree and more.
  • Runbooks will be developed around the security tools and resources you have in your environment.

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