Threat Management

Penetration Testing

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Maintaining the security of an IT environment while remaining operational is a challenge for most organizations. Tevora offers you the ability to test your own environment against simulated attacks without the risk of actual damage- all while business proceeds as normal.

1. Internal Penetration Testing

Tevora has a specialized and highly trained team of engineers who work with your organization to run special penetration tests and examine your internal systems. Our internal penetration testing team will then analyze and determine whether or not your system is vulnerable. Rely on Tevora’s years of experience and vetted process to complete your internal penetration tests.

2. External Penetration Testing

Our specialized team runs external penetration tests to determine any vulnerabilities that could cause exposure from external sources. These tests safely mimic what an actual attacker would do, which allows our team to examine your environment for weaknesses and make suggestions for improvements.

3. Physical Penetration Testing

Tevora performs physical penetration testing to find the physical vulnerabilities within your company. We employ non-invasive tests at your location to ensure the wrong people can’t access to your physical equipment.

4. Social Engineering

Tevora works with the employees in your organization to help them identify who and what to trust with their passwords and personal information. Secure IT environments go hand-in-hand with ensuring your people understand security protocols.

5. Wireless Penetration

Tevora understands the importance of proactively protecting your wireless LANs. We perform wireless penetration testing to diagnose any holes in your network and ensure compliance to your industry-specific regulation mandates.