Threat Management


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Tevora understands information security, and our extensive experience make us experts in our field at understanding the topics that are crucial to end user training. We offer a variety of courses that will provide your staff with valuable insight into understanding and avoiding today’s threats.

Security Awareness Training

Tevora offers advanced training courses in security awareness. As an organization that places strong emphasis on security, we know how critical it is for your internal personnel to be adept at identifying and avoiding threats. In our security awareness training sessions, Tevora addresses the human element by focusing on ways your organization can improve behaviors for optimized awareness.


We train and educate your employees on the latest known phishing techniques and threats, then put them to the test and measure their knowledge and performance in a safe, controlled environment. In order to maintain security against phishing hazards, Tevora arms your internal personnel with everything they need to know to prevent infiltrations

Secure Code Training

Tevora leverages our experience in information security and software development to develop and administer a comprehensive secure coding curriculum. We offer security insights seen in every day engagements, which provides your staff with valuable insight into developing a secure, risk-free enterprise environment.