Cybersecurity Case Studies

See how Tevora helps clients develop and implement strategies that keep their organizations compliant and their brands safe.

Tevora Ransomeware Case Study

Tevora Ransomware Incident Response

As the frequency and sophistication of ransomware incidents continue to escalate, it’s more important than ever to identify partners that can help fortify your defenses against these insidious attacks and minimize financial and operational impacts when they occur.

Tevora Race Against Clock Case Study

Race Against Clock to Block Extortion Attempt

This case study describes how Tevora helped a
large, industry-leading financial institution block an extortion attempt initiated by a skilled hacker that had identified a significant vulnerability in the institution’s cyber defenses.

Tevora Aerospace Penetration Testing Case Study

Tevora Helps Leading Aerospace Company Prevent Compromise of Highly Sensitive Data

This case study describes how Tevora’s Red Team used penetration testing to helped an industry-leading aerospace company identify and fix a vulnerability that exposed massive amounts of highly sensitive and confidential product data, preventing a potentially devastating cyberattack.

Tevora HITRUST Case Study

Helping Medical Device Manufacturer Achieve HITRUST™ Certification

This case study describes how Tevora helped an industry-leading medical device manufacturer prepare for and achieve HITRUST Common Security Framework™(CSF) Certificaion.

Tevora Unified Assessment Program Case Study

Tevora’s Unified Assessment Program – The Antidote for Audit Fatigue

Tevora’s proven Unified Assessment Program uses a methodology that reduces staff time required in support of audit and compliance efforts by an average of 55%. This significantly reduces audit fatigue and frees up time for staff to focus on strategic projects and other BAU activities.

Tevora HITRUST Case Study

Helping Large Tech Companies Securely Streamline IAM Processes

Learn how Tevora helps large tech companies securely streamline IAM processes.

Tevora Third Party Risk Case Study

How Tevora Helped a Leading Business Services Firm Up Their Third-Party Risk Management Game

Tevora helped an industry-leading business services firm to substantially streamline and improve their third-party risk management program.