The GDPR Countdown: How to Plan your Next 256 Days

In less than a year, any organization providing goods and services to EU residents will be within the enforcement zone of GDPR. While the rhetoric online continues to push a frightening narrative, compliance is possible and GDPR does more than compel an organization, big or small, to adhere to its provisions. If you have read […]

A Comparative Look at Vendors Offering Security Automation

While almost every industry today benefits from automation, it’s still relatively new in the cyber security field. It’s a service that must adapt quickly in changing environments and evolving threats. Automation offers opportunities to provide continuous service for repetitive tasks at speed and with fewer mistakes. It can provide continuous support but is still evolving […]

Tevora Treats Denver Vets to Rockies Game

Tevora recently presented The Denver Vet Center with baseball tickets to the upcoming September 27, 2017 game, where the Rockies will battle it out with the Miami Marlins at Coors Field. Vet centers are a crucial function of Veterans Affairs as they welcome home war veterans with honor, provide readjustment counseling services, and assist them […]

Strategic Data Mapping: A Three-Step Process

Managing data in today’s business environment can be complicated. Companies find themselves weighing the benefits of expansive data collection against regulatory requirements. Legislation such as GDPR, PCI DSS and others are pushing the matter of data management to the forefront compelling organizations to take a more systemic, continuous approach. At Tevora, we don’t believe data […]

3 Steps to Implementing Your Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Architecture

Setting up a public key infrastructure helps you manage digital security certificates, encryption and more. Popular among both small businesses and large corporations, public key infrastructure (PKI) is a cyber security method of authenticating, validating and encrypting digital information. Recognizing, validating and authorizing identities is a big part of cyber security for all organizations. Encrypting […]

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