12 Steps to Increase Your Privacy on Windows 10

Over the years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of personal cyber attacks. Unfortunately, that trend is only going to continue, so it’s more vital than ever to ensure your information is secure. We’ve put together 12 preventative steps for you to take to secure your Windows 10 platform, one of the most popular […]

The Case for Replacing Traditional AV with NextGen AV (NGAV)

Next Generation Anti-Virus software is growing in use as a preventative measure. In fact, a recent study on 60 cybersecurity companies who endured ransomware attacks revealed that 100% of the attacks bypassed traditional anti-virus software detection. After big headlines and numerous major data breaches, we know that the traditional AV method is inadequate in dealing […]

10 Essential Baseline Security Hardening Considerations for Windows Server 2016

Increase your Windows server security by enabling the following features and configurations. While Windows Server has numerous features and configuration options to provide enhanced security, these features are not enabled by default. Administrators have to configure these options properly to provide increased server security. Here are ten recommended baseline security hardening considerations for your Windows […]

The Strategic Advantages of GDPR

As consumer sentiments on data, its use and protection evolve, businesses adopting GDPR can benefit from several strategic advantages. How is your data being shared, used and protected? In a data rich, cloud-enabled economy, organizations must understand consumer sentiments on data, its use and protection are evolving. The information age continues to provide consumers with […]

Conducting your PIA and Data Mapping Exercise

Consider the following scenario: A US-based data analytics company has recently gone through a tremendous growth stage. The company’s leaders have expanded their headcount, physical and technical infrastructure and their user base. With GDPR coming down the pipe, they need to understand if and how it applies to them and how they currently operate. So, […]

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